Patricia LaVoice

Tricia LaVoice has earned a Bachelorís of Science degree in Applied Psychology from California State University, Long Beach and a Masterís of Science Degree in Educational Psychology from Fordham University.

Tricia is a writer/speaker/blogger for children and adults and the founder of Wishes for the Heart, Inc. She has written a series of Wishes books. The first, Wishes for the Motherís Heart co-written with writer Barbara Lazaroff, was released by Hay House Publishing in 2011. Her latest book, Wishes for the Grieving and Healing Heart is now available in eBook and in print. Other books by Tricia LaVoice include Helmets and Hoses, Toes and Noses, was released by Windstorm Creative in July of 2008. Several of her ďWishesĒ have been aired on the nationally syndicated radio program Hollywood Confidential. She lives outside Seattle, WA with her husband and four children.


Barbara Lazaroff

Restaurateur and interior designer Barbara Lazaroff, A.S.I.D. is renowned for her innovative restaurant concepts. As President of Imaginings Interior Designs, Inc., Barbara has designed such popular restaurants as the original Spago, Hollywood; Spago, Beverly Hills; Chinois on Main; Chinois Las Vegas; Eureka; and Granita among other noted eating establishments.

Her remarkable concepts and designs have received critical acclaim and numerous awards. Her work has been featured in Designer’s West, Restaurant Hospitality, Elle Décor, the Canadian television program “Women on Top,” Fortune and CNN. In 1991 she received the Restaurant/Hotel Design Magazine’s Platinum Circle Award, and in 2000 was inducted into the National Association of Women Business Owners Millennium Hall of Fame for her business acumen. She continues her work in the restaurant industry as a co-brander and partner in a multitude of “Wolfgang Puck” business entities.

Barbara is co-founder of the Puck/Lazaroff Charitable Foundation, celebrating nearly 27 years of the American Wine and Food Festival - a major supporter of the Meals on Wheels Program. For well over two decades, she has also generously supported the American Cancer Society through the California Spirit events, and Mazon’s hunger relief program with 25 years of Passover Seder fundraisers at Spago restaurant.

Most notable amongst her many charitable honors are the James Beard Humanitarian Award and the Aviva Family and Children’s Services Spirit of Compassion Award, an organization close to her heart. Barbara serves on the Board of Directors of The Friends of Sheba Medical Center, Israel’s leading hospital, and the largest and most comprehensive medical center in the Middle East.

In addition, Barbara is engaged in a number of organizations that promote women in the hospitality industry as well as in the political and design arenas. She is also currently in development on a web based/television project, and on a line of home furnishings and accessories.

Through Barbara’s creative wisdom and compassion for the human spirit, she provides pragmatic examples that incorporate the messages of the “Wishes” into our everyday lives. Barbara resides in Beverly Hills, California with her two sons, and a menagerie of pets.

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Authors Tricia LaVoice
and Barbara Lazaroff,
Foreward by Leeza Gibbons.


There is nothing like a mother's love. In all the world, it is unique. It endures, sustains, supports, and heals even without being asked to do so. ~ Leeza Gibbons pg. xi
We strive to give our children a feeling of their place in the world by grounding them with home and family- a heritage of belonging. If we have done a fine job, one day they will soar off and find a place of belonging wherever life may take them, because they carry 'home' in their heart. ~ Barbara Lazaroff pg 73
There are no days off and the children, young and old, are not yet required to replenish what they take. ~ Tricia LaVoice pg 29
Maternal energy is everywhere. Being biologically bound does not make a mother... being heart connected does. ~ Leeza Gibbons pg. xi
As “sisters," and as mothers, we are the wellsprings of the family and the community; we must remember to shower each other with care, to replenish our own essence.~ Barbara Lazaroff pg 52
I try hard to get to a place in my life where I give without expectations or needing anything in return. True giving must come unconditionally.~ Tricia LaVoice pg 45
A Wish is offered with the purest intention and then released. A Wish shared between women is, in my opinion, a very sacred thing.~ Leeza Gibbons pg. xi

Be brave, be observant, be adventurous, be exuberant, be tenacious, be curious. Ask questions, lots of questions.~ Barbara Lazaroff pg 60

All the river knows is to journey home, as all I know is to love you. For you, I wish a river’s love.~ Tricia LaVoice pg 69
The sweetest memories don't require anything but a little time, thought, creativity, and sometimes a childlike sense of fun! ~ Barbara Lazaroff pg 65
Life is most profound when we can give up the need to know what happens, the need to have an answer, or even to form the perfect questions. ~ Leeza Gibbons pg. 157
One day it became clear that they were their own persons. These were their lives, their journeys.~ Tricia LaVoicepg 122
If they are out of line, always tell your children you are disapproving of their behavior, not them.~ Barbara Lazaroff pg 75
As she becomes a wife, mother, and friend to others, the love she received and continues to receive from her own mother will give her the strength, courage, and wisdom she needs to succeed in these relationships. ~ Tricia LaVoice pg 117
Our most important job as a parents is to instill in our kids character, self-confidence, a sense of community, purpose, compassion, a love of education and a desire to live a life of purpose and value. ~ Barbara Lazaroff pg 81
Saying ‘I am sorry’ is beautiful, cleansing and healthy.~ Tricia LaVoice pg 146
Doing the thing that makes you uncomfortable usually offers the greatest chance at growth. ~ Leeza Gibbons pg 154
Mother Nature knew we would all have to say good-bye to our mothers one day… so she gifted all of her children with maternal love…~ Tricia LaVoice pg 162
Read to your children every day; promote the importance of reading, and make it fun.~ Barbara Lazaroff pg 82
I must trust the world to be kind to my children, and when it is not, I will be there waiting with open arms.~ Tricia LaVoice pg 138
If you try to perform at least one random act of kindness every day, your children will follow suit. ~ Barbara Lazaroff pg 94
Our girlfriends are our rocks when we are unsteady, our light when things are dark. ~ Tricia LaVoice pg 129

A recipe for success: perspiration and heart; blended with education, talent, experience, a pinch of opportunity, and a large dollop of respect for others rights and feelings.

~ Barbara Lazaroff pg 96
There are many lessons that must be taught; and allthought she will listen to what her mother says, mostly she will copy what her mother does.~ Tricia LaVoice pg 117
Be grateful for the gifts you do have; keeping a positive attitude attracts greater possibilities. ~ Barbara Lazaroff pg 119
There will be times when the wind and rain knock your petals to the ground. Stay strong; you can not be defeated if you are creating potpourri. ~ Tricia LaVoice pg 115
How wonderful a world it would be if all the lovely intentions were translated into deeds of action and change. ~ Barbara Lazaroff pg 159
When you wake up in the morning, look to the sun and let it warm your face, knowing I am looking to the same sun.~ Tricia LaVoice pg 105


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